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We sell videos on VHS, DVD, BLURAY, HDDVD, BETAMAX, UMATIC, CED, LASERDISC, and whatever other dead formats we can find. (This isn't a joke, we have at least one of each of the above in stock at basically all times) Visit us in Ellijay or shop our new inventory and apparel from Hemlock Bazaar.

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Find our vintage videos at Mountain Town Antiques,

Mountain Town Antiques: 12 N Side Square, Ellijay GA, 30540 (Upstairs)

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Hemlock Bazaar: 131 N Main St, Ellijay GA, 30540 It says VHS is the future, but it looks like the kind of graphics they would have considered futuristic in 1979.
If you haven't been paying attention to modern technology trends, you may have missed the news, but VHS is the future of home entertainment. This revolutionary format brings analog video in to your home, but in a convenient cassette based format. What's more, VHS is a read/write format. That means that anyone can make their own tapes. Truly a modern miracle.
And since we're living in the future, you can order your VHS Tapes with a computer! I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true!

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